Since we last  met....Goat and Monkey have completed a fantastic period of research and development in Quebec, Canada , beginning with attending the wonderful Luminato Festival. We worked with a wonderful host of academics and creatives, exploring theatre,  technoculture and games.
Goat and Monkey have just begun their next University site specific collaboration, and have both an incredible company and an incredible site! It is spectacular and will make for an incredible piece of work. More to follow.
We are preparing a UK tour of The Devil Speaks Trueand are beginning to prep an international tour for Spring 2018. 
Joel spent August directing thirty actors in a version of a new piece Strawman, written by Rex Obano. The piece explores the freeman on the land movement, and beginning in the early days of the rave scene charts the path of Freeman  to the modern day.
Joel has just returned from Hong Kong where he will be directing a piece for the National Youth Theatre in collaboration with the Hong Kong Youth Arts Federation. Time was spent meeting the wonderful creative team at HKYAF and auditioning 160 actors, aged of 14-25. If the outstanding auditions are anything to go by, the production in September 2018 will be spectacular.


The Unforgettable Mr. Fog! Click here to watch a trailer of the result of Joel's R&D, working with the brilliant Oli Harrison and Kat McGarr! The performance was fantastic fun and a great success. More exciting news on this soon!
And here's a link to our next generation version of  The Devil Speaks True.


 The Unforgettable Mr Fog!

Joel's finished his research and has created a wonderful lo-fi show! It's aim is to help children’s anxiety about people  who live with dementia. Mr Fog (played by a brilliant Gaulier trained clown) role plays common challenges faced by a person living with dementia, including; confusion, getting dressed in the wrong clothes, wandering out of their home at night and forgetting family members’ names. The clown allows the child to play and explore these difficult situations.
This play was born out of conversations with adults and children and their experiences with family members who are  living with dementia.
Here is a link to Alzheimers Research Uk and their advice to young children about
Though the show stands up on it's own two feet, the next step is to build a neat little touring set! 

The Devil Speaks True

We played to some fantastic audiences throughout April and we are just in the process of booking occasional performances this year, then a tour in Spring 2018.   For teaser clips, tour dates and links to tickets go to Current page
The Third Year devised site specific production of Autarky was huge. Spanning three building and courtyards, 25 actors and crew , marine flares and smoke grenades, six separate groups of audience given roles, bespoke lighting units built from scratch and being simultaneously queued from points across the space by performers, a score of eighteen new songs and choreography of epic proportions. This was immersive devised theatre done right!
Trailer to follow, until then here is link to one of the key points of research for the piece, 'prepping'.



The Devil Speaks True 

After a wonderful period of developing our award winning piece The Devil Speaks True, we are nearing the second tour. Neil Callaghan's beautiful choreography plays a major role in the piece, the eight metre wide projection screen has been utilised even more fully. Most importantly the audience are given even greater immersion in to the true experiences  of the soldiers  who returned from conflict zones, and more time spent with the hostage of two and half years in Iraq. We are proud of this work.
 For teaser clips, tour dates and links to tickets go to Current page