Goat and Monkey have had lots of good news this December! We've been awarded ACE funding for development of a production of Jonny Duddle's award winning book The Pirate Cruncher!
We have also had a grant from The Chalk Cliff Trust to create work around a digital game we are developing. We can't say much about this now, suffice to say it is very exciting.
A little bit of independent work over the last few months. Sally has been producing some consultation events with Mid Sussex Council and Creatives Across Sussex. The events culminated in a large scale event with Dj's, professional skaters, street artists, photographers and documentary makers. This work will inform the regeneration of part of Haywards Heath's outdoor spaces.
Joel has finished working on a touring small scale puppet show with Moon on a Stick, and a spread of pantomimes with Bigfoot that are currently being watched by 12 000 super excited children across London primary schools!  


Since we last  met....Goat and Monkey have completed a fantastic period of research and development in Quebec, Canada , beginning with attending the wonderful Luminato Festival. We worked with a wonderful host of academics and creatives, exploring theatre,  technoculture and games.
Goat and Monkey have just begun their next University site specific collaboration, and have both an incredible company and an incredible site! It is spectacular and will make for an incredible piece of work. More to follow.
We are preparing a UK tour of The Devil Speaks Trueand are beginning to prep an international tour for Spring 2018. 
Joel spent August directing thirty actors in a version of a new piece Strawman, written by Rex Obano. The piece explores the freeman on the land movement, and beginning in the early days of the rave scene charts the path of Freeman  to the modern day.
Joel has just returned from Hong Kong where he will be directing a piece for the National Youth Theatre in collaboration with the Hong Kong Youth Arts Federation. Time was spent meeting the wonderful creative team at HKYAF and auditioning 160 actors, aged of 14-25. If the outstanding auditions are anything to go by, the production in September 2018 will be spectacular.