The Pirate Cruncher

A new play by Toby Hulse, adapted from the original book by Jonny Duddle

Adapted from Jonny Duddle's best selling picture book, The Pirate Cruncher is an exciting, hilarious and comically gruesome adventure of pirates, monsters and the ingenuity of one small girl.  Nine year old Emily is the plucky and clever proprietor of the Thirsty Parrot tavern in the sleepy town of Port Royal, forced to run the pub single-handed since the mysterious disappearance of her father, a feat only made possible by her skill at inventing and building the cleverest of mechanical devices.  When the tavern is raided by Captain Purplebeard and his dastardly crew of blood-thirsty pirates, she determines to take her revenge by sending them on a wild goose chase for treasure.  Little does she expect that they will press gang her into their service as ship's navigator... Their ridiculous quest leads the ship straight into the tentacles of the terrifying Pirate Cruncher, a monster who likes nothing better than to devour whole galleons of evil buccaneers for its lunch.

The Pirate Cruncher is a rollicking adventure, told through thrilling action, daft nonsense, stirring shanties, the weirdest of mechanical contraptions and a healthy dose of good old-fashioned audience involvement.  From the moment that we enter the theatre we are actively involved in the storytelling, becoming the residents of Port Royal, whipping up a storm-tossed ocean, fighting a sea battle against the pirates, conjuring up a beautiful island paradise and, ultimately, creating the Pirate Cruncher itself.  The show is family theatre at its finest and silliest, a treat for children and adults alike.

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The Pirate Cruncher

It exceeds all expectations to thrill, entertain and excite audience of all ages in this excellent adaptation’. (The Stage on Toby Hulse’s Treasure Island).

‘Jonny Duddle's work is full of the anarchic wit and invention children love in a picture book. It’s fresh and fun and has been a huge hit in Waterstones’ shops across the country, and had an incredible reception from booksellers, parents and, most importantly, children’. (Melissa Cox, children’s book buyer for Waterstones)

‘Goat and Monkey’s glorious meta-panto makes your head spin right from the start….It’s a post-modern pantomime with guts, brains and imagination’. (Time Out on Goat and Monkey and Toby Hulse’s Jack and the Beanstalk)