Goat and Monkey has worked in festival and outdoor environments since our humble beginnings with a strolling troupe of Angels in Arundel!  We have been developing a series of festival treats, often using wireless headphone technology. These allow us to immerse our audiences in a world without interruption from the cider bus or the local radio DJ!
There are four strands to our festival work.
1. Adventure Schools!
These are theatrical adventures,  calling for the audiences (of up to 30 young people or family audiences at a time) to work together on a mission! Using wireless headphones and an iPad, the missions have involved; cracking morse code from a mysterious figure, online google sleuthing, answering phones hidden within cakes, piecing together ancient jigsaws and physical challenges!
These adventures last between 25 and 40 minutes and require no external power. They are quick to set up, don't require much space and can be designed specifically for a theme, or an existing model can be used. For Victorian Spy School, click here.
2. Wireless headphone treasure hunts.
Whilst listening to a beautiful story of sheep gobbling and dragon slaying over wireless headphones, Old Mr.Puttock (descendant of famous dragon slayer Jim Puttock!) leads you on a short amble  across a festival site where you must find hidden luggage tags each with a letter inscribed on them. At the end of the story and the walk, the audience must work together to assemble the letters and decipher the final clue as to the whereabouts of the treasure! If this is found, some tasty dragon treats can be shared out amongst the explorers! 
The Knucker of Knucker Hollow can cater for up to forty people, and lasts approximately 15 minutes.  It needs nothing more than space for Old Mr.Puttock's tent, and can be performed in rain if the heavens open. Have a look here.
3.  Festival residencies.
Goat and Monkey have created plays and performances with audiences over a day or a week all over the world. From a forty minute workshop in Kent with five year olds, to a fortnight in Saudi Arabia with twenty five year olds. We have huge experience of exploring and creating work with groups of people according to their needs, whether it be the thrill of creating and performing work,  to explorations of concepts, themes and ideas. 
4. A strolling troupe.
Compliment an Adventure school or wireless headphone hunt with a strolling troupe. These are made specific to the festival or theme and can incorporate stilts, magic and clowning.
This summer our festival work includes:
Victorian Spy School 
Space School
Twenty, Five and One at Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival.
Drawing upon films and music videos for inspiration, we will explore stage combat, puppetry, street theatre, ensemble, slapstick and theatre that puts the audience at the heart of the action. Twenty young actors, five packed days, one incredible performance...At Bournemouth Arts by the Sea.