The Knucker Of Knucker Hole

Commissioned by West Sussex County Council and West Sussex Museums,  The Knucker is a short audio treasure hunt, designed to be listened to through wireless headphones. The Knucker premiered on a steam train in Summer 2013 at Amberley Chalk Pits Museum, as the audience followed Jim's journey to slay the rampaging dragon. Original music by Jon Boden. The Knucker has since developed, and seen festival goers working together to find the dragon's tasty treasure!
The dragon to be found in the Knucker Hole near Lyminster was a rampaging beast, killing livestock and humans (though some say only fair damsels), much to the annoyance of the locals. Though a water monster, it is said that the beast could fly and terrorised the countryside for miles around. One story says that the monster aggravated the King of Sussex himself to such an extent that he offered the hand of his daughter to anyone who could kill the beast.
If you would like us to present The Knucker for your event or venue, please drop Sally a line.
  • Director: Joel Scott
    Sound Designer: Tom Hackley for HAVEsound
    Storyteller: Graham Hoadly
    Photography: Paul Ackerley

"Beginning as I do at the beginning, and starting as I must at the start, let me tell you my dears a story from round this way. They do say, that a dunnamany years ago there was a gert dragon lived in an old mine, Knucker his name was, and Knucker Hole we calls it to-day."


Supported by: West Sussex County Council, West Sussex Arts Partnership.