Goat and Monkey collaborates with many non-traditional theatrical partners to find new ways to bring theatrical experiences to new audiences in new settings. The skills that these experiences require can also be put to good use in other environments.
 Alongside our core projects, we also act as consultants on a range of projects from improving visitor interaction at historical and public venues to bespoke events at festivals and facilitating group relationships with business clients.
Previous consultancy work includes:
Hampton Court Palace on The Operation of Arrival to enhance the magnificence of the main entrance, create the drama of arrival and anticipation and make it easy for visitors to know what to do.
Unit 9, a  media studio that achieves groundbreaking marketing experiences & create new audiences. We were the theatrical consultants working with Unit 9 and Don't Panic on an immersive advert pitch for Hive.
English Heritage, consulted about ways to further audience understanding and engagement at Belsay Castle and Brodsworth Hall, using small and large scale immersive theatre.
West Sussex County Council, West Sussex Museums and South Downs National Park to research the efficacy of an App to link artefacts from the museums back to the landscape from which they arose, connecting users of the SDNP with the museums and to encourage non-users to connect with the park and museums.
Training sessions with the schools of business and drama at Oxford Brookes University.
 If you have a project or event that you’d like to talk to us about, please get in touch with Sally,