Jack and the Beanstalk

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Created as a co-production with Southwark Playhouse, we worked with acclaimed writer Toby Hulse, to create a unique take on the traditional pantomime.
Fictional theatre company, Box Of Delights are about to receive a visit from the feared panto inspector, who can close down the show if any vital panto ingredient is missing!  However, the show is far from ready and with the looming threat of closure and bankruptcy, the audience must help the company to create the best pantomime ever!
In the first half of the show we see the struggling company try and pull things together with the audience being the Giant, helping pyrotechnics come to life and helping to paint the set. After raiding the dressing up box in the interval, the audience return to  Jack and the Beanstalk complete with dancing beans, milk squirting cow and 'growing' beanstalk and a final showdown with the panto inspector himself.
We integrated a cast of young people aged 18 to 25 from the Southwark Young Company into this production.


  • Director: Joel Scott
    Writer: Toby Hulse
    Designer: Rebecca Brower
    Sound Designer: Tom Hackley
    Lighting Designer: Leo Woolcock
    Choreographer: Dave Grewcock 
    Costume Supervisor: Holly White


"Goat and Monkey’s glorious meta-panto makes your head spin right from the start. It’s like watching real life backstage at a panto and then watching an actual panto. When they do get round to the actual panto, it reflects the real life bit, so that by the end you’re left wondering if you aren’t somehow the actor here....It’s a post-modern panto with guts, brains and imagination."    4 Stars Time Out
 Goat & Monkey has produced a wonderful evening of pantomime-themed entertainment that combines the much-loved genre with the metatheatre of Noises Off. Audience participation is a key aspect to the show and when things don't quite go to plan, it is the audience who help make pyrotechnics come to life, Giants appear and their clothing and voices as posh as possible to meet the Panto Inspector's strict guidelines.
Goat & Monkey has created a show that celebrates pantomime and affectionately jests at the genre. A must see for all panto passionistas, this Jack and the Beanstalk deserves many an outing in years to come.
British Theatre Guide Simon Sladen 
 "Goat and Monkey's 'Jack and the Beanstalk' is a real cracker of a festive treat! This Jack and the Beanstalk is a charming family Christmas Show that goes against the grain of commercially-driven celebrity pantomime culture. It offers young people the chance to experience unique, accessible live comedy through a Christmas tradition and displays much more imagination than we've come to expect from the form."
4 Stars Funny Women

Tweets for Jack!

I don't like pantomimes but this is no ordinary panto, it's clever, witty and sublime.
Jack and the Bean Stalk by @gandmtheatre @swkplay was amazing last night! So funny and a breath of fresh air to the genre of panto!
Jack & the Beanstalk at @swkplay by the amazing @gandmtheatre is joyous, hilarious (sometimes a little salacious!) & completely magical. Go!
jack&beanstalk @swkplay @gandmtheatre Panto, deconstructed, in the best bonkers manner possible with a few new twists and conventions.
Loved my first panto @swkplay by @gandmtheatre Laughed and shouted like a child. Louder than the actual children.
Saw five plays this week - without doubt best was Jack and the Beanstalk - Southwark Playhouse - a pantomime of real joy and wit.
Commissioned by Southwark Playhouse.